Monday, January 26, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday, January 26

Outside My Window... snowy farmland, pines and birches ... sheer lovliness

I am thinking ... that school begins soon so I really should wrap this up

I am thankful for... where do I begin? the collection from last Sunday to help toward our coming home expenses, the loan of a '98 Safari van, the Canadian Tire gift card (whatever amount) and free eggs

From the kitchen... seriously the ugliest and worst cooked egg ever

I am wearing... jeans.pretty much hating skirts right about now due to the over-wearing of them for the last half year

I am creating...peanut butter on toast

I am going
... to get my bum to school ... in four minutes

I am reading... still reading stormie. the last one from my pile was just "ok"

I am hoping... to move on friday, and enjoy the process

I am hearing
... one son brushing his teeth ... I must be running out of time to eat the ugliest and worst cooked egg ever

Around the house
... quiet

One of my favorite things
... my husband

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... I would love to see myself relaxed and easy, homeschooling, taking Jonam to rehearsal, visiting with my sister in law and kids then gliding into my new digs, without incident

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