Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tuesday timetable

waiting for sonlight stuff to show up so i can pour over it and decide what will work best for us, switching from core 5 to alt 7 in the middle of the year.
i wish the school had been using the world history 1 or 2 from the beginning, instead of core 5, which 3 of my 12 students have already done.
we made it work and the kids told me i was their favourite english teacher ever ... not to mention how much they ate up the lapbooks!
i completely forgot to take any pictures of them. how sad is that? i do have the two that my boys made, however, and can showcase them once we figure out where we are going to live.

today i got that fantastic e-mail that told me sonlight has now shipped my order.
oh happy day!so, this week looks something like this:
keep sleeping while neal feeds assorted animals
eventually wake, maybe get out of pajamas, definitely drink a tea
organize breakfast
family worship
talk to children and husband
think about what i would do if i lived in my own house
make lunch
put something in crock pot, remarking to neal once again about how many times i have already used this crock pot since purchasing it last week
feel somewhat restless and possibly bored
read again, thus forgetting above
think about watching tv but don't
eat supper
think about taking malaria meds
watch a movie or at least discuss the possibility
go help feed assorted barn animals
sleep like ten hours

... riveting, i know ...


Luke said...

Let us know when it's Box Day so we can celebrate with you [smile].


40winkzzz said...

Thanks for the e-book! You can send it to 40winks@charter.net.

I like this post. In fact, I like your blog, so I'm subscribed now.

So... I haven't yet mentioned this on my blog, but my 18-y/o is tentatively planning to go next fall to live in Madagascar for a year and work with a missionary family. (They are building a shelter for poor pregnant women who might otherwise throw their babies in the trash and she will be working there with them.) I thought that might interest you, considering where you've just come from. Madagascar is not "as close to the equator as one can get", but at 9000+ miles away, it IS just about as far from West Michigan as one can get! (Western Australia is actually farther.)

And speaking of locations, I see that you live in Ontario. I live in Michigan, which means we're next-door neighbors. :-)

SmallWorld at Home said...

Sounds lovely, lovely. Especially the part about you blogging again.