Monday, January 5, 2009

want it for free?

I don't know about you, but I love giving away something just as much as I love receiving something, so when I got the latest Heart of the Matter e-mail, I just knew what I was going to do:

Celebrate our birthday with tons of giveaways!
January 4, 2009 by The Amies

Here are the guidelines

and here is what I am giving away ... a copy of my most popular-ist ever e-book study guide. I promise you will not be disappointed! all I ask is that you tell me why you would like to add Cheaper by the Dozen to your already growing list of things you would like to read to your children (in your comment on this here blog; nothing long or detailed)and, voila! I pick the winner, and e-mail the book for your viewing pleasure, at no cost to you and plenty of smiles for me.
check out an honest review here

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40winkzzz said...

I would love to read Cheaper By the Dozen with my husband and kids or maybe just my 13-y/o... IF I can have your study guide! I looked up the review (from your sidebar; link in this post didn't work for me) and I am oh-so-impressed. It looks like it might even be, among other things, a good tool to spark discussions about some life issues with my son. Sounds good to me!