Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday throwback

so, the book I ordered, you know ... the ONE that is going to make everything all better? that one. anyway, it arrived yesterday at the post office and it is huger than huge. guess that is good since it cost over $30, but it is also a tad daunting. maybe I'll just get my oldest to read it and summarize for me (there are LOTS of good things about teenagers, especially nice homeschooled ones).

upon first glance, I really think the recommendation for me to hunt it down and attempt to purchase it was an excellent one.
especially since things seem different here in small town Ontario than for all my friends in the good ole U.S. of A.

from what I understand, my guys cannot simply sign up for a college class until they are 17. we will have to wait three years for that, which would have my oldest in grade 11 already, one year shy of graduation age as it is. in some cases you also need a high school credit as a prerequisite. not as helpful as I wish.

if my guys want to attend University or College (though, to a lesser degree) they must have either: a killer portfolio, a lot of charisma plus an understanding and accepting admissions board member, OR their O.S.S.D. diploma. This diploma can only be awarded IF you attend a public high school. There is, also, only one scholarship available if you do not attend public high compared to a myriad of scholarships if you go "public". we aren't exactly rolling in the cash here so a scholarship would be trés importante.

the other option is to write your G.E.D. and apply to College or Uni. as a mature student, defined as one who has been out of school for a year already and over the age of 19. I guess they simply "get a job" in the meantime.

yes, it can be done. yes, I do know a few who have done so, though they have used Bob Jone's Satellite or an online course set up for military kids, Amdec which isn't homeschooling anymore and uses government curriculum so you might as well just send them down the road in my opinion.

still sitting on the fence, but at least I will be an informed sitter


Barbara said...

Can't wait for you to come and inform me with the book so we can sit together!

40winkzzz said...

So just move across the river to MI. Very relaxed homeschool laws, lots of colleges/universities that accept hs'ers. There, now wasn't that easy? You're welcome.

SmallWorld at Home said...

Why do things have to be so difficult? I'm so sorry. I am no help whatsoever, except to say "You can do it!" which is easy to say, but what can you do if the red tape prohibits you?