Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my guys have been having a blast so far this March Break, and, frankly, so have I. I don't remember the last time I felt that I so enjoyed a time away from school! It is still an adjustment, being back here. I know you are probably wondering what can possibly be taking me so long ... it just is.

today we drove into town to apply for a S.I.N. number for Jonam so he can officially apply for a job this summer if we find one we think would be a good fit. Wow. Hard to believe it can be already. I started working at 14, though, and haven't really stopped since, though I come and go as far as the paid working scene goes. I had had a paper route for a long time, but I mean a REAL job. The first one, if I remember correctly, was as a Day camp Counsellor the summer I was in grade 9. I babysat a bit before that, (and continued to babysit until I gave birth to my own)
Today, as I saw the look of pride on his face, I began to smile myself, with excitement.
Just who is this wonderful young man going to turn out to be?
And then I felt overwhelming thankfulness at the privilege to be on this ride with him.
Yah, being a parent is pretty darn cool ...


Anonymous said...

He'll be whatever God chooses for him - and you and Neal have prepared Jo for whatever comes his way - what a super young man you have reared!
biased Granddad

Anonymous said...

I second that emotion \O/ A biased Mummo XX :-)

Barbara said...

And a third from a proud Aunt Barb.