Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunday stuff

because nothing super spiritual happened to me today, I will call this simply "stuff"

I did have an absolutely awesome time on our mini vacation with friends, and my brother is here now, able to stay until sometime tomorrow. my husband is going to eat breakfast with us, then he will take off for work, a little late.

I managed to ride one water slide, proving that not all rides leave you feeling nauseous, overwhelmed and physically scraped up, but I also avoided a ton of others, which really says a lot more. I have good, solid reasons for not doing water slides. the first being a vivid memory of slipping too far up the side wall and having to grasp the edge of the slide for dear life (not an exaggeration), the second being a series of bleeding scrapes that began at my tailbone and ended somewhere near tuesday. not cool. not worth repeating.
so I braced myself, hid under the guise of spending some time with my twelve year old, and slid down the orange slide, hands braced at my sides, not leaning backward AT ALL, and also refusing to look like I was having too much fun. the lifeguard at the end likely thought I was a crank-pot, but that is ok ... whatever it takes to slowly get over my dislike of rides

so I survived, even if I was a bit of a party pooper ... I kicked it at skeet bowling, and I personally believe that makes up for it. plus, evan bought me a nifty blue ring for twenty tokens. whooot!

if you've never been, you should go

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