Friday, June 19, 2009

a funny thing happened on the way to ...

so, yesterday you will recall, I was bemoaning the loss of my beloved mail key. without said key, I cannot retrieve any mail from my mailbox, located at the post office down town. we do not receive door to door service in these here parts. don't even have a post office open on a Saturday in town. but I digress.
I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my NILD books so I can begin the read, highlight, take notes, memorize, write intelligent papers process (because all the above is due BEFORE July 13th, when classes begin). it is the same adrenaline rush that precedes curriculum ordering. I believe it is a sickness.
well, I visited all the places I could think of that might house the missing key. not in pants pocket. not in jacket (why would it be in jacket? I haven't worn jacket in months, but I looked anyway because my mom always says "you never know"). not on lawn. not on floor of car that often makes me crabby and feel like throwing things like keys. not anywhere on carpets, so better vacuum them ... it's the A.D.D. ...
really, truly not finding magic key to happiness and betterment anywhere.

I called my husband and he came to the rescue, promising to leave work early enough to catch the post office open. keys found! I was not sure why the evil person who found them decided to hold on to them for so long until ...
I started thinking about those emails I get so often. you know the kind:

FW:FW:FW: you HAVE to read this or you are a pig, DO NOT DELETE

a gastly glittering image almost always attaches itself to these kinds of emails.
well, *my* key chain happens to be an angel. kind of country-esqe, holding a heart that looks patchwork only it is fake metal. it came in the mail. it was free. well, actually I was supposed to donate something for it, but, hey, they sent it to me so ... anyway, I decided that the reason my king of keys came back to me is because the guardian angel key ring did it's thing. I know I prayed about it and all, but, clearly.
The person who found my key2happiness had no desire to be known as a pig, or to have their next lost key go down the gutter (as would surely happen if they had not obeyed the FW:FW:FW: email law because it also applies to real life). I bet they even went home and composed an encouraging email and sent it to ALL their friends. seven years good luck to them

no, I am not being snarky.
now, back to studying.

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40winkzzz said...

that was really funny. (about the emails, i mean.)

i always delete those emails. huh, now that i think about it, that must be why life is so crappy; guess i'd better start forwarding them instead.