Monday, June 22, 2009

monday musings

what a wonderful week, or at least that is what the weather man is predicting. it has been unseasonably cold around here. makes me confused as to what season we came back home to. still winter? did we skip summer and go back to spring? not clear.

the boys are having fun working in our friend's garden, pulling weeds, dead-heading, weed-whacking and mowing the lawn. at least the youngest will, now, since his partner can do a whole lot of nothing since his surgery. his recovery seems slow, but sure. we are very thankful.

I am studying like crazy. reading copious amounts of psychology text, taking notes and formulating papers in my mind. time to formulate a diagnostic plan and get it down in writing. kind of scary but mostly thrilling to finally be doing that "thing" that I always wanted to do but couldn't quite put into words. didn't even know it was an option until about a month ago. the countdown is very "on". I am going to view a life therapy session, as part of my pre-course requirements, on thursday. should be a real highlight of this week.

library visits, soccer, mowing our own lawn, gardening, weeding, transplanting, planning for the backyard and studying then a visit to my parent's home on saturday to kick off Canada Day (which is actually on wednesday this year).

but there is always time to soak in the splendor of a luscious garden.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Gorgeous poppies!

K2 said...

You look beautiful daaaahhhling!

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait until Saturday \O/ <3 Mom (and Dad) :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay on Facebook <3 becomes a heart! Whatever !!!!!