Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy (honestly it cannot suck more than 2009) NEW year

On Sunday night I said to Neal:
"you know, this time at home with you has been amazing. What I could really use is another week, though, because there is just so much I still want to do before I get back to regular life"

God must have been listening, because this is our second snow day, which means that I haven't really had to start up homeschooling with Evan yet, and Jonam has been able to hang out with us.
Currently, Jonam is attempting to learn to crochet because he found a cool book at the library last night. Before you get too excited and either warn me against the dangers of said son going "soft" or infringing on "womanly arts", let me tell you the title of the book, Creepy Cute Crochet.
You can learn how to make zombies, vampires and other sundry ghouls.
good times.

This last year is something I am more than happy to move away from, speaking of "good times". They were far and few between. For one thing, I am still supposed to be in PNG, not frigid Canada. For two, I am back in the throws of not being sure where I am supposed to be doing church. I thought I had found a solution almost two years ago, but things are just plain not right. So, we search our hearts again, trusting that we will know what to do and when to do it.

I re-evaluated where I was spending most of my time and decided to get back to more guitar playing/songwriting as well as writing rather than serving on a thousand and one committees that had me out of the home more than in it. While it was all good and it was a fantastic feeling to be able to serve in my community and in church, it will be even better to be knitting, painting, reading novels (what a concept) and fine-tuning my tutoring and therapy skills.

This new year, I choose to be true to myself, even if that means some people do not understand my choices. Even if they try to talk me out of some of my choices. Like sending Jonam to high school. That was a really, really good choice. We have enjoyed much of the experience, but the grass is truly greener on the homeschool side of the fence, and we are prepared to simply smile instead of defend that choice. The older I get (which isn't that old, I know, but still) the more convinced I become that I already know what it is I am supposed to be doing and I absolutely love that.

So, even though we started out New Year's day with actual tears, over having to choose to euthanize our kitten, for 2010, I am thinking there are going to be more good times, only sans sarcasm.
... like today, Sonlight box day again! We made the decision last week, as a whole family, to go back to homeschooling next year. Jonam will be in grade 10, at 15, and Evan will be in grade 9, at 14. Yep, things are definitely looking up.

Now, if only I had a camera so I could help you visualize ...


SmallWorld at Home said...

I love you. We are going to have a really, really good 2010, right?

Your Love Crush said...

Here, Here!

Anonymous said...

Follow your heart daughter dear. \O/

partyoffivetn said...

Happy 2010! I had the same feelings about 2008...hope this is a great year!

40winkzzz said...

so sending jonam to school this year was a good decision, but you are bringing him back home next year. oddly, this makes perfect sense to me.

jury is still out for us on whether to send our #3 to school for high school next year. it was good for our older two in many ways, and i really really dread the idea of trying to homeschool THIS one, of all my kids!, for high school-- yet we are very much considering doing just that.

hey, my cousin & fam leave for png on the 17th for a 5-yr term with wycliffe. i am making the family, and by default the country, a prayer focus for the kids & me this month. if you have any ideas of specific things we can pray for for png, let me know. you can email, fb message, comment on my blog, whatever.