Monday, January 18, 2010

Reality Bites

I have been told by many people over the years that my kids need a dose of reality. I have usually just laughed and carried on with the conversation. Eventually it gets steered in a different direction and no one is offended. But today I got to thinking, while washing lettuce for supper, that there is no such thing as a definitive “reality”.

Think about it. I am not talking about Quantum Physics here. I always put sugar and milk in my tea.

A few of my friends homeschool, like me, but most of my friends do not. In many ways, I have much more in common with my non-homeschooling friends than I do with the homeschooling ones. I have been a missionary, artist, singer, musician, song-writer, performer, poet, therapist, student and various other interesting things, but most of my friends have a more level playing field, if you will, and don't feel the need to be so gypsy-like in their endevours.
What got me curious, though, was the word reality, in and of itself.
I decided to look it up in the dictionary:

Reality: Property of being real; resemblance to original; real existence, what is real, what underlies appearances, existent thing; real nature of

Not sure what aspect of my life, in particular, is outside of real existence or doesn't resemble the original. Seems to me I am being pretty true to myself. Another reason we are choosing to go back to homeschooling in the fall. I think part of the incongruence lies in the fact that what I feel most comfortable with and most compelled to undertake isn't standard reality.

maybe I should have called this post Reality Can Bite Me


SmallWorld at Home said...

Yeah. Reality can bite me, too!

Fabricated Goddess said...

Who in the world are these people that tell you your kids need a reality check?? Your kids are delightful. End of discussion. People need to keep their opinions to themselves.