Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spellcheck, please!

I have a makeshift chalkboard in my house. My husband made it from a piece of pegboard (the kind without holes, of course) and that chalkboard paint you buy at Home Depot. I think the board is about 4 feet by six feet. We chose a very sophisticated dark coffee shade of paint. It took a lot of effort to cover the board in the required 5 coats of paint. Then I had to take a piece of chalk and, holding the chalk on its side, cover the entire board with chalk dust and then wipe it off.

that is the theory, anyway.

The chalk never really comes off. What a drag. I truly adored the way the dark coffee colour accented the other things in my therapy room.

but I digress.

Last week I casually mentioned to my husband that I missed the most excellent slate chalkboard we left in the firehall. It was superb. I am convinced that all the things I wrote on that board were far superior than any I have etched onto my makeshift one, and it wasn't even dark coffee coloured.

I want a better chalkboard.

Well, didn't my man find one outside the junk shop, on Sunday? Yes indeed! The owner of the shop knows us well so he allowed my husband to bring it home, without paying, to see if it worked or not. You see, it was raining pretty heavily that day and a lot of the junk is outside. The board was soaking wet on front but not on the back, since it was laying on an angle. Everyone knows you don't write on wet chalkboards, so the board was left in the garage, to dry.

Imagine my thoughts when my husband came into the therapy room, Monday, to let me know that we would not be using the "new and improved" chalkboard. It seems that someone had penned what appears to be a rather permanent message on it:


yes, this town needs my therapy.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Wow! Are those the kinds of comments one gets when one writes "cleevage"? Hilarious!

40winkzzz said...

well, i was thinking about leaving a comment, but i'm rather intimidated by some of your other ones.

i can't imagine what sort of comments you'd get if the word had actually been spelled correctly.

which brings me to my intended comment... i don't even really get that "no cleevage" thing anyway. i mean, the "no" part. it would have made more sense to me if it said, "live - tonight! cleevage!"

but whatever. it's probably best that you stick with your family-friendly coffee-colored board.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristina,
On a practical note,
I have a large green chalkboard (classroom size) in my garage that I rescued from going into the church dumpster. If you want it, it's yours.

anne Van gilst