Thursday, January 21, 2010

looking for the exit signs

One thing I decided to do this year is math. I am currently renewing my love/hate relationship with Algebra. So far, however, I am winning. I am actually "getting it" this time around, or at least remembering what I thought I had forgotten. Not so bad.

But I have a headache. I have felt it, off and, mostly on, for almost two weeks now. I am not sure if it is the same headache or if some of its relatives have come to visit. I also have some big stressful things on my mind as of late.
I *do* belive the headache and the stressful things are related.

In any case, as I was checking over my Algebra, on the handy DVD (wouldn't even consider teaching math without one), I started thinking.
Wouldn't it be handy if, in a pressing situation, all one had to do was look for the exit sign? Imagine yourself trapped in an akward conversation. All you have to do is quickly glance up and, perhaps, to the left and there it would be ... the relief of an exit sign, pointing the way like a beacon. You simply run toward the light and your is anxiety ended.
I do, in fact, literally picture these scenarios in my colourful mind. The panic striken look on my face, the subtle "I am no longer listening to you at all and am, in fact, desperately seeking a way out" glance and, voila, my exit sign appears.

I even know where to order one.

THEN I started thinking if I am going to begin blogging regularly again, and all I come up with are random reflection type writings, do I need to change my blog name to Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy?


Barbara said...

I love the link to the exit signs. So clever of you. I don't so much dream of an exit sign as I do of a "bad enough illness to bed-rid me for 2 weeks, but not so bad that there is irreparable damage" kind of escape. But you already know that about me.... Love that you are blogging more often.

Molly said...

I cant beleive your doing algebra - I cant remember how to figure out basic math sums let alone one like that! lol.

You guys really are quite inspirational!