Sunday, June 27, 2010

I should write things on my hand more often

there was a picnic after church today, at the church we are currently going to (I felt I should clarify that since we are locally known as church gypsies).
I took along some coleslaw and a quart sized bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I did not bake the cookies myself, but that fact should not lessen the point I am about to make.

the hamburgers were yummy.
I am sure the hotdogs were, also.
I did not want the coleslaw, which Neal found humerous especially since I personally brought two containers. Neal took some. I couldn't really tell if anyone else had bothered. It did not look incredibly appetizing to me.
I was, however, very impressed with the number of deviled eggs.
there are never anywhere close to enough deviled eggs at functions.
I felt totally justified in eating one on the spot and gingerly placing a second on my plate.
I surveyed the dessert table.
very adequate.
I made a mental note: there are still a TON of cookies left, for me to take home later and eat discreetly during the week.

the picnic ended happily enough and we were partway down the road when I loudly announced "I forgot to go back inside and take what was left of MY cookies!" I was expecting Neal to turn around and take me back, so I could rescue my distressed cookies.

he did not.

I have actually been off and on grumpy about this fact all day.
(I obviously need to keep going to church)

then I decided to visit my garden and noticed that there were things begging to be harvested.
I like planting but not so much harvesting. I said to the boys "last chance to pick strawberries", then promptly spit out mine 'cause it tasted like bad wine. apparently I can be really funny now and then. I was not trying to be funny.
this did sort of make me smile, though, ... a little.

even if it isn't a cookie.
and, no, I do not have a head wound.
and, yes, I do look a bit like a hungarian washer woman or something.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Hahaha! I was thinking you were going to a head-covering church!

Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

because i found this post highly entertaining, i left it up on my reader so i would remember to come back and leave a comment.

you can see how well that worked.

at least i got to read it again that way. (i'm very easily humored. i mean, humoured.)