Monday, June 28, 2010

this is me in grade nine, baby

the boys just made lunch and, sitting at the table, sheepishly, asked if they could take the food downstairs, so they could continue playing Halo.
of course I said "goodbye"

the oldest is 15 and finished grade nine. the youngest turns 14 in a matter of weeks and begins grade nine. their childhood is as diametrically opposed to mine as you can get. don't get me wrong. I don't blame my parents. *I* made my choices.

like doing handstands all day
against the brick of our house
which irritated the neighbour
which made me do it longer

like signing up for summer school, realizing what that meant and going to my friend's trailer instead

like eating kraft dinner with dill pickle chips and ketchup and watching days of our lives

like sitting outside, in the backyard, on the concrete, eating toasted tomato sandwiches and drinking swiss mocha instant coffee, with mel.
that was also the summer I tried the scrambler
and smoking

mel lived with us
she collected forks and hid them under her bed

two of my friends attempted suicide
I got my first real job
I quit my first real job
I also started dating

This is Me in Grade Nine, Baby by the Barenaked Ladies would have been a handy song back then.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes the "Good" ? old days !!! Love Mom

Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

so what you're saying is... at their ages, you spent your summers doing a variety of relatively unproductive things, whereas all your boys do is make their own lunches and play halo??? :-)

so maybe tomorrow you need to make them take their lunches outside and sit on the backyard concrete. just so they can have half an idea of what it was like to be you.