Friday, July 9, 2010

I love my job

Bike guy and his friend entered the store and stopped at the front table, checking out the best sellers.  I was standing behind the counter sketching ( yes it was connected to legitimate work) and overheard their conversation.
Bike guy had a very specific book in mind and was trying the "I'll know it when I see it" approach.  So I spoke up ( because now I finally get paid to give my opinion to strangers, woot!)

Me: are there any words in the title that you can remember or the name of the author? Cause I can look it up and help you find your book.

Bike guy doesn't hear me but bike guy's friend does and nudges him:

She said she can help you find your book ...
bike guy looks like he doesn't believe it but walks over to the counter anyway.

Bike guy: I heard about the book on the Daily Show but I don't remember the name of it ... or who wrote it ... but it was about religion ... and science.

So I and voilà!

me: Marilynne Robinson is the author.

bike guy: what kind of computer is that?

me: *smile* Absence of Mind.
That's the name of the book you want.
(inside my head giggle) How ironic.

bike guy:  I think she just took a dig at me ( he smiles )

me: I did. 
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't help it 

* he really was smiling and I really did help him find the book on the shelf 

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Sarah Graham said...

I love your job, too. Especially when I read about it in the middle of the night while writing my woes about my own job on my blog - only not so eloquently as you....I also love when you have a new post on your blog - k - now I sound like a creeeperr......