Monday, August 9, 2010

saying goodbye

when I first started homeschooling,  I knew it was the right thing for me, for us. I knew that even though I had no support at the beginning, it was going to be a wickedly fun adventure on a ride that few might understand but I would never regret getting on.
I was so right and more.  I have zero regrets even now that we have chosen to step off the ride. zip, zero, ziltch.

I highly recommend it to anyone. you don't need a degree, I just happen to have one.

you don't need to be an expert in every subject ... I cannot even remember all the ways things just 'fell into place' for us, countless times, sometimes without me asking, other times, with me on my knees, begging and pleading for intervention.

it hasn't always been a bed of roses. I have threatened to quit many times. I have sent kids to their rooms for a day and called it character building. I have sent myself to my room and called it sanity. I have ordered too much, not purchased enough, read out loud until my throat was sore, laughed, cried, danced with joy, banged my head and even considered medication from time to time. sometimes all in the same day.

but this is my ode to homeschooling. this is my ode to my children, the fruit of my labour.

but worth every second


Bethany, aka 40winkzzz said...

"to everything there is a season." that's how i look at homeschooling, too. getting on the ride doesn't have to mean you can never ever get off, even if you're barfing your guts out...

...oh, sorry, that was probably taking the analogy a little too far... (but we probably all know hs'ers who are retching over the side of the ferris wheel and still think it would be ungodly and giving-up-ish to just get off the dumb thing)...

sometimes even when the ride has been a blast, it's just time to get off one ride and get on another. or sit on a bench and watch, or whatever.

so did you wrestle and agonize? or was it a pretty simple, "okay, time for a new season" decision? me, i wrestle & agonize. i didn't so much when sending my olders to high school, bc i just knew that i couldn't do high school well and still meet the needs of my youngers. with #3, who starts 9th grade this year, it was different; i agonized. a lot. in the end we decided to keep him home another year or two or four... we'll see. now wrestling with a new option that popped up: two-day school. either way, since i have one more yet, it appears that i'll still be on the ride. guess it isn't time for a new season for me yet, and i'm okay with that (most of the time).

anyway... so you & your boys are all entering a new season of life. maybe the ride will be even wilder. :-)

The dB family said...

Amen, Sista! I am looking forward to my four months off (I think), but then I'm back on the ride as recommended by the adoption MD. It'll be a whole new ride though.

Is it feeling bittersweet? That's how it's feeling for me. Coffee soon?


partyoffivetn said...

...and yet you are still a part of our club! Oh I love how you said "sent myself to my room and called it sanity." Oh, I must remember to charcter build more often :)