Monday, September 20, 2010

monday, monday

a woman came into the store on friday, smiling, short hair, looking pretty vibrant and full of life.  a few of us were talking with her and she was making us laugh though I don't remember what, exactly, was so funny, now.
the topic of conversation changed to nexus passes, and since I was the only one that has one, I told her about the process and that it wasn't such a long wait, but I wanted to warn her that they take your picture; that I wished someone had told me that, in advance, because mine is horrible.

she smiled, then said:

first of all, you have a head full of gorgeous, thick hair
and, she said, her gaze resting on my chest momentarily, her head bobbing left to right and back again,
I'm assuming those are real

yes, i said, not sure where this was going

well, she said,  I lost both my hair and my breasts, so a horrible picture is something I doubt you should worry about.

and, once again, I'm lead back to my thinking chair.  and I'm thankful for my horrible nexus picture because it means I don't have to wait long, if at all, when I go to the states to have fun.  thankful, too, that even though I would rather not have my blood taken on my day off, it's just a routine check and not because there are any concerns.  thankful for the dentist, even though the hygienist puts me back too far and I feel light-headed when she's finally done because she talks a lot and draws out the experience far longer than I care for because, my teeth and gums are healthy and it's just part of regular life. thankful, too, that the woman came into the store and told me a bit about her life, and she was smiling the whole time.

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