Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waterloo, oh Waterloo

I had a great weekend in one of my favorite places, again ... Waterloo.
If I had found a cafe that served bubble tea I would start saying I need to move here ( adding to my list of places I love living in ).
I did eat a fantastic fritter, dine at a favorite restaurant, Spring Rolls, snacked far too often at Marble Slab and learned a ton more in classes.
I can also highly recommend a new B&B, Sugarbush, though
our perennial favorite is on the list for next month, Little City Farm. They make me want to go vegan
again ( and that's a good thing )

In other news, I finished Waiting For Joe and Ape House in the last two weeks. I even wrote reviews for both books.

I suppose posting should be next on my list.

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