Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new phrase

a man came into the store today to pick up a book I had ordered in for him.  he was super nice.  he asked, as an aside, if we happened to have any books on gibson guitars.  we didn't, though I did show him a beautiful fender guitar book, which, for whatever reason, prompted him to ask:

do you play?

oh the thoughts that instantly run through my head when I'm asked a simple question like that.  I start dreaming like nobody's business in moments like those.  I just want to bask in the flood of thoughts.  what would it seriously be like?  I'm thinking pretty darn cool if you ignore all that other stuff like practicing and writing and actually being good enough to command an audience.  not that I don't practice and write, but, you know ... it's so personal and very introverted so how do you know for sure if you don't ever take a chance?

so, today, I decided to shoot from the hip and try out a new phrase.  when he asked me:  do you play?
I said, simply:

yeah.  yeah, I do.


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