Tuesday, September 7, 2010

so weird

today was the first day of school and I am, apparently, kind of sucky at being sentimental.  I checked facebook this morning and found accolades galore, well wishes, sniffles and sobs. 
I was still trying to pretend I didn't have to get up yet when I heard the boys say "see you later!"
that's when I had my holycrapwakeupenoughtosaysomethingimportant epiphany.  it went like this:

I'll leave the back door unlocked and I'll cut some keys for you on my lunch break!

nice jorb, ghetto mom.

sad.  they've never needed house keys before.  It just didn't occur to me.  and taking a first day of school picture never once crossed my mind.  I didn't make their lunches either.  I don't make people lunches.
I'm also not used to not having to get up until I feel like it, cause, really, that was a huge homeschooling bonus.  I knew they were going to school this year, I'm just not that great at putting two and two together sometimes.

but they survived.
so did I.
we may even attempt it again tomorrow.


The dB family said...

Survived here too! Truth be told I had the worst desire to do a happy dance. I saved until I was home alone ;oD.

Coffee evening soon please!


SmallWorld at Home said...

Ha ha ha ha! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

You had me at 'ghetto mom'.