Monday, October 4, 2010

the birthday wish

so I don't really know where I am going with this, but I was just thinking
what if, on the eve of every birthday, we all dreamed the same dream?

I don't mean on the eve of every single birthday in the collective universe because, then, we would all just dream one single dream that would affect zero change and ultimately be ignored since, hello, it's universal.
what I mean is, what if the night before YOUR birthday, YOU dreamed the same type of dream?
I'm thinking it goes something like this:

you fall asleep, blissfully aware that the next day you are going to be showered with well-wishes, possibly some cool gifties and the go-ahead to tell anyone who asks that you are, indeed, one year older. I'm ok with all of that myself because I am still in my thirties.

but what would happen if, in this universal dream of sorts, we were each presented with a run down of all the things we supposedly claimed made us happy that past year? I haven't decided yet if it should be a complete history, including preceeding years, or if, because we would all be dreaming this annually, it would only need to be the past year's worth.

I wonder if we would be surprised by our choices
I wonder if we would be compelled to choose differently

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