Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturdays are the bomb

I do love Saturdays, but not Saturdays when my head feels heavy, dizzy and yucky.this too shall pass.  listening to brandi carlile helps.
yesterday I drove to Waterloo to have my youngest son begin some educational testing. yes, I believe I know what the deal is, but a certain teacher at high school is putting slight pressure on us to have it written down on paper. this chafes me. it goes against every one of the reasons I homeschooled up to this point, and yet I am learning to grow and change and embrace different ways of thinking. as an educational therapist, I need testing results. change can only truly be measured against what was. for that to 'be', one needs to have something measurable, not something made up or presupposed.  change doesn't have to be an arbitrary guess or some elusive ethereal thing you just 'know' instinctively.  sometimes it's ok to put things down on paper even if you think it's just for posterity's sake ...
and I believe that it will be important for my future, just won't elaborate at this point.

it was a beautiful day for a drive and I got a lot of writing done. more to follow.

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