Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i love that i am so prone to freakouts at times that even my husband doesn't want to tell me yuckky things, lest i combust or something like that.
yesterday he was informed that jamaica is no longer "on" but, rather, quite "off".
i wanted to find a picture of bob marley with a big red "no" circle and line.
what do you call that?  you know ... the circle with the line drawn through it, on the diagonal, letting you know you are not allowed?
i'm not so bummed because i have always secretly (or not so secretly even) wanted to go to jamaica.  far from it.  it has honestly not crossed my mind.
neal's grandpa used to go a lot.
some interesting photographs surfaced from some of his trips.
and i hear it's crime-filled
and hot
and there isn't much to purchase
but i've had some experience with that
what bums me out is that it was offered, i got excited at the prospect, and then it was taken away

and i had no say in the matter

serious dang.

in other news, though, kerry fraser was back at the store signing books and today, my friends, MY hair was the winner.

oh yah.

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Meesh said...

Moscow baby,Moscow. I so understand.