Monday, November 8, 2010

monday, monday

so today was kind of weird, but in a good way.
i don't usually work on mondays, which leaves me feeling all nice and happy come sunday evening, thinking about having the house to myself (i don't count the cats) and a long list of  things i hope to accomplish (always a month's worth).
today i worked because my friend and co-worker is enjoying the sunny beach on the other side of the world and, hey, what are friends for, right?
plus i have that rather empty tattoo fund jar sitting beside my favourite couch.  it was a win/win.

then i got to work
and kerry fraser was there, signing a myriad of books because the store sold out of every copy early yesterday afternoon and the line up was hours long and eventually the store had to close for the day.  he worked his fingers to the bone i am sure, signing for at least four more hours today.
it was fine
i don't mind company at the till.

unless they have better hair than me. 

maybe i should have tried a helmet.


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