Thursday, December 2, 2010

danger, Will Robinson!

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

well, danger is not really my middle name, so at first it was hard not to just come up with "what's the most stupid thing you've ever done?" and in that case, I don't have enough room here to fill you all in.  seriously.  I have done some ultra mega stupid things in my life.  I wish I didn't have to admit that.

I guess to some, tattooing could be considered a dangerous thing.  I suppose if you don't investigate the tattoo artist or their shop/tools, it could be seen as dumb.  I let my doctor know, first, though, so I'm good.
I read somewhere online that a bad piercing could lead to infection that would go to your brain, so maybe getting my nose done was dangerous.  It hardly feels like it.  Neal took pictures, so I know exactly what she did when I wasn't looking.  No, piercing isn't dangerous.  Not even the ones I did myself can count for that (possibly see above, initial category for those three).

I guess the most dangerous thing I've ever done is selling prit near everything I had amassed over fifteen years and taking a job as a missionary teacher overseas, where malaria (typhoid, dengue fever, tuberculosis and cholera) is endemic.  I'm allergic to antibiotics, you see.  Not knowing the language could have been a bit disconcerting as well, since you kind of need that, especially if you are really in danger.  But when I look back on the whole thing, while I feel deep sadness for what I know I am missing, never once did I feel like I was in any kind of danger. 

You'll have to be the judge.

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Alexis Owmizer said...

Wow, Kristine. You did go to a missionary teaching? You're an angel with that kind of mission. Tattoos are very dangerous, I must say. I think one can be infected with tetanus when the needle used is unclean or rusted, of course. As for the nose job, it will be risky for some people, too. But it depends on the situation, right? Rhinoplasty is also for health concerns, I believe. Like if the person has nasal issues, or congenital defect. The surgeon will have to determine the best way first. Come to think about it, I don't think I have ever done something really dangerous. My sister however, is about to. She's thinking about getting her lips done in Los Angeles.