Monday, December 27, 2010


What's the best gift you've ever received? What's the worst?

the best gift ever?  that is tons of pressure, especially since I like prezzies of all kinds.  all the time, anywhere.  I do wonder whether my response to gifts is adequate, but I'll risk it being either too much or too little in any case. 
love presents!
agonize over giving presents.  I always go with my gut when making purchases, then instantly question my judgement.
I am a treasure.

I think one of my best gifts ever is something I regretfully no longer have.  I got wigged out once, going through my things a few years ago, and decided there was too much emotionally attached to the gift to keep it.  I have tried to find a replacement but to no avail. memories will have to do.

the worst gift ever isn't something that I can write here either, but let me tell you one thing I seriously dislike:
putting something lame in a bag from a store that is on my top ten favourite stores list so that I will initially respond with glee because I mistakenly think that the gift inside is, obviously, from the store which the packaging represents. 

and the most unfortunate thing is that my face will give it away every time.  no matter how hard I try to keep things inside my head, my expressions take it, so I can forget ever being a poker queen or passing a lie detector test.

not very pertinent, but nice to know, nonetheless.

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