Tuesday, December 28, 2010

out with the old ...

What's your biggest Life responsibility right now, and how are you handling it?

I have barely even begun to process it let alone talk about it much.  It isn't going to be easy.  It's actually going to take a lot of my time and energy, as it already has up to this point, only now I won't be doing it just on instinct with a lot of guess work thrown in.  No.  Now I know things and that helps me change.  Here is our diagnosis:

mildly gifted
nonverbal learning traits
likely aspergers

Let's just say I am really really thankful that I was lead to study NILD educational therapy.  I am also glad that I decided that not all testing is a bad thing; in fact, testing is most helpful in a myriad of ways.  I know for a fact that the parents of my clients are visibly relieved, and tell me so, when they learn that I've been through it, too, and I do, in fact, understand.  Like those tv ads for hair growth for men "I'm not only the hair club president, I'm also a client!"

This coming year has my schedule as full as ever and I am both in awe of how it has all come together and excited like it's always the night before Christmas.  I love the challenge.  I love the hours preparing.  I love my job.

bring it.

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