Thursday, December 23, 2010


How are you interesting?

let me count the ways.  for starters, here are the things in my purse, temporarily displayed for your viewing pleasure.

also, I am a former homeschooling mom, turned private tutor (though I have been tutoring since second year university so that isn't really a new thing at all), level II educational therapist, bookseller and occasional lounge singer.  those are the things that I "do" that pay money.  there are also a ton of things I "do" that do not pay cash but are definitely rewarding.

I absolutely love/crave hugs but will barely ever initiate one.
I think white is my favourite colour
the number 8 takes it
I wish I played guitar/sang better but I do those things daily anyway
I think, not so secretly now, that I should have been a dancer
I don't like driving

I have a thing for shoes.  and handbags.  and hair.  and eyes.  ok, and clothes.
I never believe I am right ... not all the way at least.
I post first, then immediately edit a minimum of four times
occasionally I will share.

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The dB family said...

Apparently you get the occasional ketchup craving too ;o).

Merry Christmas!