Wednesday, December 22, 2010


a few weeks ago, my boss challenged me to name my top favourite books. 
how many? I asked.
she simply said five ... seven ... ten ... doesn't really matter.
so I began writing and what seemed, initially, a simply task, actually became difficult.  I mean, why am I being asked this?  can I change it down the road, if and when a newer, more fantastic book comes out that replaces one on my current list?  what genre are we talking?  why do I love this particular book?
she laughed and said something like ask a bookseller a simple question about books...

so I listed some.  and yesterday she called me into her office to present me with one of the coolest gifts I have ever seen.  especially since I told a friend a little while ago that what I really wanted was a bracelet.  and so I got one.
and I cried.
cause I'm so like that.

Jane Eyre * Charlotte Bronte
An Object of Beauty * Steve Martin
Silas Marner * George Elliot
My Name is Asher Lev * Chaim Potok
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time * Mark Haddon
The White Deer * James Thurber
Swell Season * Josef Skvorecky
The Incident Report * Martha Baille

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! awesome gift !! whoo hoo :-) XX MOM