Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm not a gambling girl by nature, read: I went into a casino for the first time last summer, with five dollars, had to ask an attendant how to work the slots, got super excited when I was up 75 cents, then proceeded to watch my cash disappear faster than a nicolas cage film (i.e. gone in sixty seconds) but I'll take my chances on this lady:

my mom

I do believe I was born loving her, and she was certainly smitten with little old me, even if I did disturb her reading by being born, a fact she has yet to let me forget.
she calls me every birthday and for some reason chooses to sing happy birthday to me, even though her own mother asked her to "please stop" once. my mother isn't one to listen well when listening is deemed optional.
I get that from her.

and she is tenatious.

don't believe me? just go ahead and try telling her she "can't". she doesn't need amphetamines! my mom is seriously the best mom e.v.e.r.
lots of my childhood friends still call her just that: mom

my mom has always been my hero. I think it started the day I was swimming in our pool and had an impossible experience that I believed to be utterly and completely real: I.breathed.under.water.
I mean, really? there is just no way, but when I tore into the house to yell the facts to my mom and she could have, in that moment, totally burst my fantasy bubble she, instead, filled me up with imaginary helium by saying "if you think you did, then I believe you" and that has made all the difference.

my mom is super cool, too, in all her st.thomas-ness. she was wearing pj bottoms out in public loooooong before the rest of the crowd. and she insists that faded jean shirts are "back", so she can confidently pull hers out of the depths of her closet and I no longer get to have a say.

mom used to have these famous spreads for christmas day and any of our friends who were in the neighbourhood could stop in, have some cheer, visit, and be on their way again. many of my most special friends have done that over the years. I miss that.

I'm not sure I have ever laughed harder or watched more movies with anyone than I have with my mom, either. wowsa. my memories and my bladder will never be the same. I absolutely know that I can never watch kujo again or be allowed to listen to stupid rooster calls with her. this is a fact.

my mom even gave me those beautiful but you can never really wear them earrings I played dress-up with, so I didn't have to wait until she was gone to enjoy them myself. I don't care what anyone says, they ARE SO vintage and would have gone perfectly with that dress for my role in it's a wonderful life. my mom just happens to agree.

in any case, I never have to finish a sentence (or, as my friends have witnessed, really even start one for that matter) with my mom; she just "gets it" every time. she's my interpreter, my confidante, my supporter, my encourager, my all around most highly esteemed and bestest oldest friend.

she's crazy in all the right ways, and if you've never met her, you totally should.
she's my mom, and I hope I never grow up, so I can be just like her.


Anonymous said...

Too funny and soooo nice to hear. "sigh" "sniff, sniff" "snort" (wiping away tears). Tanks daughter dear..... XXX P.S. I miss the Christmas spreads too, especially the "4 flavour" cakes from Ramonas. (insert another "sigh" here.

Anonymous said...

this post filled me up like a bowl of puuro. warm and safe.