Tuesday, January 18, 2011


so while this picture isn't of jan on her own, I believe that having her with her husband is just one indicator of all the good this woman has been able to accomplish in her lifetime. (only teasing, scott).
they are the sort of friends that really feel more like family and that is always a cool bonus whenever it comes around.

janice is quiet, even-tempered, serene, lovely to the core, beautiful, healthy and strong. people like janice are intriguing because you just know they have so much to offer if you will only ask. I have gotten to figure out a lot of what makes this girl tick. for instance, did you know that she is an extrememly talented artist? (i'm totally beginning to see a pattern here with my friends) not just wood-carving/printing, but sketching, sewing, quilting, pysanki and writing to name just a few. seriously. this girl has published a book, given heart-felt and inspiring presentations to crowds, written beautiful song lyrics, picked up the mandolin and played in a band in the last year alone.

if that isn't enough, she's a great resource for obtaining and maintaining health and I love that I have a friend who also likes to eat the kinds of things that not only taste amazing but don't make you feel like you just made a big gastrointestinal mistake.

jan loves to drive so we often take off on road trips when we get the itch and explore our surroundings. we don't always talk a lot when we're hanging out but she's the kind of friend that doesn't make silence feel like a bad thing. I think that is rare. becoming her friend was easy.

here's to a new year of making memories

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