Monday, January 31, 2011


when i first started out this month of blogging about friends, i seriously thought it would be the most fun thing ever.
well, it was, only sometimes your memory starts going places that aren't just happy. sometimes you start re-living memories that you don't want to re-live, or that make you sad for whatever reason, not always just because something tragic happened. sometimes you feel sad because you realize that distance keeps you away from people you love to spend time with, or circumstances have changed, bringing new friends to fill voids that old friends used to occupy; that you thought maybe would never be filled again.
jackey is a new friend.
she feels like an old friend. i lifted chose this picture because even though she's sick right now, i know that she would gladly recuperate in jamaica (even though it would be wrong because *I* am supposed to be getting ready for *my* fake trip to jamaica but i digress)
i love hanging out with her, shopping, talking, laughing, eating, texting
and especially watching her slowly shake her head whenever her man says something corny
i think jackey is the bomb
she's beautiful but doesn't believe me
she's an expert e-bay shopper (ha!)
she has the best dogs ever
she tolerates me most every friday
she makes me laugh
she thinks there is hope for me

she's another keeper

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