Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Think about someone who annoys you. Write a list of everything you don't like about them, and then write a list of all the things that you're grateful that they've shown you about yourself.

I read this outloud, to get some feedback, and my oldest son said "make it about someone who doesn't have access to the internet". hmmmm.
well, I can certainly think of a few people who have done things to annoy me in the past. I mean, didn't I mention it on the weekend? seems to me I did. I think, though, that instead of trying to think of one person in particular, because I really have an easy time of overlooking faults in others (pause ... ok, good, no lightning) I will sort of sum up all things clanky, in general:

being patronized
being treated like a child
being ignored
being told I'm really skinny
too much stuff
people not obeying the "rules"
people taking to me when I'm trying to listen to music
the phone
not getting the thing I ordered
the thing I ordered coming and not being right
people eating more yogourt than they are supposed to
ice cold water
drying off
wet hair
random cat poos
people not answering my questions
puffy coats
slow drivers
my favourite things getting discontinued
living in a small town (sometimes)
bad grammar in the local newspaper
my own bad spelling/grammar

unfortunately, I am unsure at this present moment what any of the above situations has managed to teach me about myself other than the fact that I have a fairly lengthy list of annoyances and a very keen dominion censor.

I might have some work to do.
(just don't get in my way)

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