Saturday, January 22, 2011


i know i already posted about juggie a while ago, but that was before i knew that january was going to be all about friends, and besides, i'm rarely done talking.
i met jagjit in grade five, in case i didn't already say that. her family came from england, which was super cool considering i lived in whitesville, ontario, and that my dad came from england, too.
she had the longest, prettiest braids and a dark green velvet dress that i totally envied.
and a new baby sister.
her mom brought her in for the class to see and though i asked my mom to make the same thing for me, it never happened.
i grew up listening to juggie's parents speak a language i didn't understand, dotted occasionally with "kris", usually when i had convinced juggie to do something she probably shouldn't have. i think they liked me well enough, though. i know they laughed when i tried samosas and curry at their house. (they provided lots of yogourt)
we would hang out listening to u2, duran duran, depeche mode (NOT menudo) reading calvin and hobbes, eating chicken sandwiches (which were infinitely better than anything kfc has ever come up with), fries that were actually fried, and watching days of our lives.
i wonder if stephano is still hiding in her basement?
she understands me better than most, having spent so much time at my house and me at hers. so much has happenend in the almost 30 years i've known her.
she is definitely family; she means as much to neal as she does to me, too. ... we just wish we had her tan.

we have our own secret code of sorts when we talk. it usually involves so much laughter that neither one of us can really understand what the other person is saying. it gets like that with true friends, no matter what.

i think she finally forgave me for melting her watch, too.

and last year, when both of our families finally got together to share a meal, they boys laughed and joked and talked like they had always known each other. jagjit and i just smiled. if only we lived closer, so the cycle could repeat itself in our kids.

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