Thursday, January 20, 2011

sisters by choice

these friends came into my life about four years ago (or so) when I read in the local paper that auditions were being held for pollyanna. I love the stage ... no surprise, I'm sure ... so I decided to try out. danna was directing and she gave me the part of a church lady-spinster. I loved the role!
enter carol, who helped me immensely improve my movements, my facial expressions (though those of you who know me likely find it hard to believe I need help in that area) and my projection.

it wasn't until july, one and a half years ago, that carol defined our friendship by asking danna and myself to accompany her at an art in the park performance. we were "only" going to do backup vocals for her as she sang boogie woogie bugle boy.


marion kernoghan came to hear carol perform and "signed us" on the spot, for one of her musical, vintage fashion shows and the rest has been happy history.
we squeeze ourselves into impossible dresses and shoes, jam more wigs and bobby pins into our heads than should be allowed, and dance like nobody's business on stage.
some of my most favourite times have been while driving in the wee hours of the morning, on the way to a show, watching the sun rise with my sisters. or sitting on marion's bed, picking out all the most sparkly things hoping carol finally gets to wear something other than pearls for a change.

sisters by choice is the name we settled on early in 2010 and like real sisters, we laugh, we fuss, we help each other up and we enjoy every show we have the privilege of performing together. we love to pick apart the music and put our own spin on it, often with carol re-writing it, note by note, line by line, on her piano.

never a dull moment, we always have something new up our sleeves ... so look out, 2011 ... we're ready!

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