Friday, February 4, 2011


last night I didn't sleep all that well, but when I was asleep, I was flooded with the most excellent dreams.  One in particular I will bother to tell you about.
I dreamed I went back to Papua New Guinea, which isn't that far-fetched since I will willingly bore anyone with stories and details any time I am asked.  I love what I saw of that country.  I would love to return one day.  People often say that taking a trip like that changes you ... I really don't believe it did.  I do believe that it helped me cement my character, confirmed my attitudes and beliefs and brought to light some new desires of my heart.  It was crazy hard at times, but crazy good.

Last night, I was visiting the house of a woman I don't actually know, but it was, apparently, my old house and had been completely renovated for this other family.  I loved the way my brain took every single little detail in.  The grain of the wood floors, the colour and pattern of the linoleum, the soft fabric of the curtains gently blowing in the breeze.  I saw all the food on her counter and thought about how good it would all taste, later.  I saw her children, quietly observing the bun nating wait meri wearing traditional klos yet seeming a part of the every day scenery.  It was afternoon, typically the hottest part of the day for me, yet I was instantly at ease. 

I eventually went into the basement with her, which is just weird since there wouldn't be a basement but whatever, dream.  Some overhead pipes were leaking.  I was telling her what is normal and what to be looking for, in the future, all in tok pisin.
I think that is often my favourite part of my Papua dreams; listening to someone speak the language and striving in my often limited way to converse back.  The next thing I usually do, when I dream PNG style, is eat, of course.  I eat greased rice, always, and copious amounts of fruit, washed down with clear, cool water that doesn't taste remotely of chlorine because why would it? 
and I am always smiling or laughing.
and my meri blaus is pretty
and my laplap never comes undone

The most excellent part came as I was waking up to reality, hearing that we had received a text from a national friend in Papua ... from his home in the jungle, where we have often visited.  who would ever have thought?  man, I miss that place and the people I love who are still there.

It's amazing what dreams can do.

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Queenofthehill said...

You could temporarily appease your travel bug by reading the ever-so-funny, but non-fiction book: "The Geography of Bliss" by Eric Weiner. It's an around-the-world study of Happiness. Warning: It contains a number of F-bombs, but surprisingly they don't detract from the cleverness factor.