Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tell us seven things you do when you procrastinate

you know, let me first start by saying I am extremely happy that this was not a weighty question today because I couldn't handle it. not today. my brain is full already, thank you.

and I did pretty well in the procrastination department today because I should have worked a lot more than I did, but I'm still sick
and I was cold but really like this shirt so I couldn't just go put a sweater on or something because that would wreck it.

so I procrastinated

a lot

I was also supposed to do some laundry, maybe. I mean, I'm my boss so I set the schedule and even though it's Thursday, it really feels like Monday all over again because of the snow day yesterday, making me not even remember what day yesterday was. thankfully I have my iPhone. I would not have known the date without it. it would have taken too much effort to go to my office to check my calendar.

here is what I do when I procrastinate:

1. change grammatical functions of words with my friends and start saying things like: Sarah is going to gaudy herself some french onion soup for supper tonight. brilliant.
2. go on facebook and hit "notifications" and "messages" over and over and over even though my friends all have real jobs and cannot be posting all day.
3. turn on the television even though there is no cable or satellite and I have no clue who anyone is on any show then walk away because I think tv is stupid and sucks.
4. eat. this usually placates me very very much.
5. cut my fingernails or straighten my hair, suddenly feeling that this is actually of utmost importance even though I have
6. drink a glass of water, pretending that I always drink those 6-8 glasses of water every day at this time because that is part of my daily plan.
7. listen to music incredibly loudly, hoping for my muse, pretending I'm actually a musician and this *is* my job.


Laura Oliver said...
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Laura Oliver said...

I miss you buddy! You're a f'n riot!!