Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I can be nice

I have had people tell me, on more than one occasion, to "be nice" when I tell them about a particular post I am planning to write.  Not sure what I am most of the time, but apparently it is not nice.

Well, today I will be (as opposed to the other 364 days?).  Perhaps these folks were being self-deprecating, their conscience pricking them til they felt they had to verbally suggest I only write pleasant things because they felt they were not worthy of them.
I am so. not. like. that.

For instance, just this very morning a plumber came to my door.  He had been called to our aid, so it wasn't like spontaneous or anything.  I was expecting him.  What I was not expecting was that he would actually be kinda cute.  That never happens!  I immediately texted Neal to tell him of my good fortune.  He was very happy for me and made some kind of joke about a butt crack.  Funny ... when I texted Kerrie, she did too.  In any case I was

a) not lying at all
b) feeling like I was being tremendously "nice"

no.  I did not tell said plumber.

He, though, in turn, was nice to me by smiling when he told me that our plumbing pipes all need to be cut out and replaced because they are mostly either backwards or wrong.

At least this time I did not have to explain why someone had attempted to flush a whole mason jar of pickles.

and speaking of plumbing, I got a Groupon email today letting me know that I can receive 51% off the regular price of panties by post.  How is that for a tie-in?

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