Monday, February 14, 2011


I don't particularly care for valentine's day.  I never really have.  I usually post my valentine's short story on this day, but decided against it this year. 
I like the idea of valentine's day, I suppose, but would seriously hate to be the girl who only gets 'loved on' on that day. 
I don't like the taste of the cheap chocolates that come in those tacky, velvet, heart-shaped boxes.
red isn't my favourite colour, either.
there isn't a love song on the radio that melts my heart.
valentine's day just plain isn't me.

but I am sentimental

for instance, this weekend (took me three days if you can believe it) I finally watched the jodi foster version of the king and I.
I cried.
I was truly touched by the portrayal of the king of siam and how he legitimately seemed to love, equally, all of his children and was tender to every one of his many wives.  I'm not saying that polygamy is a good idea, just that the movie was beautiful.
I was deeply moved, especially, by tuptim's love for one man, though she was denied the freedom to unite with him.  they were willing to sacrifice their very lives, one for the other; the epitome of true love.

if love was a choice, who would choose to feel such exquisite pain?

... I would.
love is a choice
and it's so very, very worth it

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