Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pie and such

yesterday I was supposed to bake a turkey pot pie.  I put it together on saturday.  I was proud.  I made everyone in the house look at it.  I should have baked it then and there but I was too lazy preoccupied with other things.  and so it sat in the fridge ... saturday, sunday, all day monday.
I started to do the math (big deficit with me) and thought:

when did we first take that bag of turkey out of the freezer?
what did I even eat last week?
I know I didn't have any of the turkey.  when did the kids make turkey sandwiches?  what do I know ... I'm not out of bed yet when they leave for school.
so I texted Neal and asked him.  he said he took the turkey out of the freezer a day or two before we had perogies.
which was either wednesday or thursday, because I convinced him to share a sub with me instead.
(this is not looking good)

so, at the last minute, I decided that the turkey was too old and might make us sick because NO ONE can remember when it was first used for sandwiches.  I left the pie in the fridge and cooked things that came out of boxes and freezer bags.
this is a regular occurance at our house.

p.s. for some reason, the turkey pot pie is still in the fridge.

sometimes I wish the "grown-up fairy" would come and touch me on the head with her wand.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds very much like something I would do. Right now there is a package of hamburger resting in our refrigerator that I need to get rid of because i had forgotten that I put it there to thaw out over a week ago. Ugh!