Saturday, March 26, 2011


I always find it interesting that schools require their graduates to have pictures taken in september.  how do they really know we are all going to graduate the following april?
and would someone actually frame and hang a picture of their graduation if, for some reason, they didn't?

I didn't purchase any pictures so this is the only one from that momentous occasion. 

I have, actually, been challenged on the pride of hanging my degree on the wall.  imagine that.  like I should somehow be mortified that I used my brain for good and not evil.  It didn't rile me up, much, but in response I made sure the person left with the understanding that, yes, I AM very proud of that accomplishment.  It cost me a lot, in more ways than just one.
I will always been extrememely glad I went.
I will always be grateful for every single experience while there.

my graduation itself was anti-climactic.
in fact I didn't even attend the ceremony, though it is always held at the beautiful st. peter's cathedral basilica in london, ontario.
see, I'm allergic to roses (I'm pretty sure), and one of the requirements is that each graduate carries her own dozen (which each graduate is, of course, required to purchase after already having spent thousands of dollars the previous three years).

the cap and gown would have been cool.

definitely four of the best years of my life.

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