Monday, March 28, 2011


I honestly wish I was one of those kinds of people who just don't think too hard.  I believe life would be, at least, a mite bit simpler from day to day.  and, no, I am not about to give examples of what I mean for fear that I should come across as judgemental or haughty.  I think it must be the large livingroom windows that do it to me.
well, maybe not, cause in the firehall, though we had large windows, we couldn't stare out of them and just think a while due to the large but very cool antique shutters.  loved those shutters.  ever so glad my friend loves them, too (or at least has been too lazy to change them over for something else).  I smile every time I drive past that home.  I am so completely happy with having lived in it for a short while then passed it on to a beautiful young family.  I love everything they have done to change it into their own.  I do not miss it in the least.  I just don't seem to attach myself to buildings that way I guess.

but I do attach myself to other things I am noticing.  sometimes my attachment can almost be described as ferocious.  lately I have been mulling some ideas around in my wee cranium.  I am interested to see which ones win out and which ones are re-filed, perhaps for future use, perhaps for memory alone.

in any case, here is what my oldest progeny did for "free pizza" this saturday.

he and two school friends entered an engineering competition at the local college.  he told us about it a few months ago, when he first had to sign up.  he failed to mention we had to drive him to the college by 8 am on a saturday until the friday night before. 
unfortunately their project was an epic fail (his words, not mine) but the pizza was good and he knows now, emphatically, that he
  • does not want to attend this local college
  • does not want to become an engineer
  • does not want to only eat two slices of pizza for lunch

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The dB family said...

Lol! Don't you love the words our boys use to describe things these days? My favorite is, "that is so jacked!" I try not to use it, but it's just so cool :o)!