Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You've got one hour to pack up everything important to you and get out of town. What do you pack and where do you go?

ah ... there must be something wrong with me cause this prompt is so up my alley it isn't even funny.  oh for it to be my reality!
don't get me wrong (I say that too much), there are lots of things I am plenty thankful for right where I am, including my job (when it happens) this little town, my house, my cats, my freedom etc but I crave adventure.  there is still so much kid left in me, so many places I want to explore, so many experiences I need to yet have.  the idea of being told I gotta high-tail it out of here would surprise me, for sure,

leave the furniture cause, let's be honest, it all came from pete's anyway.
take the bose.  precious, precious sound producer.
take the guitars.  if I can only take one for myself, I take martin.  sorry pink lady and art, but that's the truth.
take my top ten books bracelet so if I forget, for some bizarre reason, what my top choices were, I can re-purchase them.  it would be hard to leave my books.  man.

is there a time limit on packing?  I think no.

take my therapy stuff.  all of it.  lots of my fellow therapists travel anyway, without the luxury of an office like mine, so that should work.
take only the clothes I really love.  that doesn't leave much.  I still haven't put together a complete wardrobe in the last two years anyway.  who cares.

take my converse and my flip flops.  all other shoes are inferior.
take my mascara and my moroccan oil.  so addicted.
take my cats.  (one is sleeping with his mouth open.  I hope he doesn't drool.  he also accidentally urinated on my son's backpack last night.  full out gusher.  he better not pee on my stuff)

take my iphone. 

I'm taking quite a lot.  this isn't a desert island, though, where I am necessarily condensing my life into ten items in my pocket.

as for the rest?  I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been ... 

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