Friday, March 4, 2011


What's your favorite thing you love to waste time with right now? A guilty pleasure.

I love these prompts because they take my mind off what I'm really thinking about and help me focus on something inane and smile-inducing.  I tend to be a little on the intense side too much.

so, it's a toss-up for sure.
two favourite things I love to waste time with, right now, in this phase of life:

my iphone
my large barrel curling iron that I borrowed from lindsay

sadly, even after much experience, I am still lacking talent in both texting messages that are spelled correctly and make sense AND using the weird handle thingy on the curling iron thus requiring visits to lindsay to have my hair look like I'm not still in the 80's.

I also am having a difficult time believing it just took me the whole length of 13 Going on 30 to attempt a curled head and I ended up with a mix between farah fawcett and poison.

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