Thursday, March 3, 2011


How far away do you currently live from where you were born? How did you get there?

currently I only live about an hour from where I was born.  not too far, really, all things considered.  I am pretty sure I have moved no less than 20 times in my 39 years.  some places I lived at for a short time, some on more than one occasion, but I only counted those places once.  I wish I lived somewhere with a lot more culture and some hills and closer proximity to water thrown in for good measure.  some days it really just bugs me how flat and white this part of ontario can be. 

i asked neal the other day: " if it suddenly decided to snow all the time, like perpetual winter, would you consider moving?"  yes ... I bother him with questions like that all.the.time.

he answered "yes" and not just to placate me, either.  I could tell he meant it.  and I was relieved.  at least I know what my evasive maneuver would be in that nearly apocalyptic scenario.

as to how we got "here"?  well, work.  work has a way of enticing you to stay put so you can buy things like bread and milk and cheese and pay for bills like iPhones and internets and tattoos. neal has a ton of family around here, too, and it seemed like a good idea to try and spend time with them.  that was the intention, anyway.  not so sure about the reality.

I still talk about moving all the time, though.  I think it's just in my blood, and I really like change.

"I was born very far away from where I am supposed to be, so I'm on my way home." Bob Dylan

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