Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new hair

I know it's petty, but today I got a new haircut. I was asked to be a model for my friend's salon, as a learning experience for her staff. there was a short hair, medium hair and long hair model. I was the long hair one. not sure but I'd probably be considered a medium hair one now. anyway, the medium hair was done first, followed by the short hair and I think she ran out of time cause there was so much to teach and show and play around with and only so much time.
she didn't end up cutting my hair, in the end.
but my friend did, and coloured it, and how can that possibly be a bad way to spend your day?

so now I'm getting used to having a full fringe. I don't think I've had bangs since I was like 8. it's now a mahogany colour with caramel. my whole head feels ten pounds lighter. I didn't ask how many inches she took off.

now to start the countdown to my vacation.

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