Monday, April 4, 2011

stroke of genius

I have always loved this picture of my dad but, of course, my mom has the only copy because it was taken quite a long time ago, when he was a young lad in england.
today, unfortunately, I had need to go visit my dad because he has recently suffered a stroke.  I wasn't going to go, at first, thinking I would only be able to sit at my parent's house.  It turns out, though, that he is in a regular hospital room and not in I.C.U. due to a bed shortage, so I was able to see him afterall.
I didn't know what to expect.
I got a big surprise.
there was dad, sitting up in bed eating a full lunch like nothing much had happened the night before.
gotta love stubborn men.
The hospital called with my dad's request list, chock full of items he wanted us to bring to his room so he would both appear more presentable and be entertained.
things like: sudoku puzzles, his current clancey novel, his hair brush (rather funny), his newest shirt and his razor (because he has no intention of growing a beard during his stay).
sarcastic as ever, it only takes slightly longer for him to say what's on his mind. 

so, while we don't know yet what caused his stroke or what will come next, I think it's extra awesome cool that the therapy I do is not only suited for learning disabilities but also for stroke recovery.  imagine that.

I love you, dad ... the genius (as we affectionately call him) returns!


The dB family said...

Your boys share a strong resemblance. Thank the Lord for stubborn men. I[m glad to read he is doing better than you expected.


Anonymous said...

Cannot believe how much you look like your dad. Cannot believe how tall your boys are. I think the youngest is the taller one....? I'm glad your dad is doing well overall.He had cancer a bit a go I think...? My father had a mini stroke a couple of years ago and is on meds now. I was hoping he would stop smoking but alas he figures the meds are good enough. He IS in good shape and eats well. I guess you have to accept people bumps and all. Blessings, halfpint.