Sunday, April 3, 2011

sprouting up

I have too much on my brain today to dig deeply, but in taking on this month's theme, we measured our offspring yesterday and were shocked to discover just exactly how much they have grown.
talk about sprouting ... jonam checks in at 5 ft 10 now, so he is satisfied.  last year, when he was only 5'8, he was worried that he would always be short.  I reminded him that he had already surpassed colin, so really, what did it matter?  sorry colin.
evan is now a full 6 feet.


all I know is that the mass of testosterone in this house makes it easier for me to maintain my status as prime princess ...
it's all good.

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dgh said...

LOL! Looks like you've got it made Princess Kristina!'ve got some good-lookin' tall sprouts there! :) --Gwen