Thursday, May 26, 2011

dramatic, maybe

no need to be so dramatic

I used to always say that I hate drama.
not the on stage kind, but the real life, day to day stuff that some people bring to the table, consistently. that drama I don't care for
and yet, I am that person sometimes.

I've been told

imagine, for example, you find out that someone you love is moving far away and they call you to tell you, hoping you will be as excited as they are but somehow you end up saying things that get twisted the wrong way in their delivery. the next thing you know, you are saying the opposite of how you feel ... what you want to say isn't said at all.

I saw a show tonight.
I love live theatre, especially where mix ups and meddling take place until all is well again, and true love finds itself exactly where it was meant to.
I have always imagined myself on stage in the middle of a completely heart-wrenching scene, where I get to full out bawl ... and you can hear a pin drop when I am done.
I'm not really sure why. I must be dramatic.

tonight, though, there were no tears to take me captive, but one simple, well delivered line. it isn't about how you started out, but how you finish that matters.

I had some heavy conversation today.
I needed to hear that line.

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