Friday, May 20, 2011

maybe I should have done that differently

what is your biggest regret this week?

well, it isn't something I actually lived through or had the chance to decide on this particular week of my life, but it is something I brought up in conversation, so I'm counting it.

I have a friend whom I have loved since grade 5. I hardly ever get to see her since we live in different places now, and have for more than twenty years. as an aside, I should totally not be old enough to be able to say that.
in any case, I got to thinking about her wedding and how she sent us an invitation knowing we couldn't possibly attend. I really wanted to. at the time, it seemed impossible ... all the way over in england. how could we afford that?

but only this week did I look at some of the choices I've made in my life, like going to live overseas, or vacationing in the dominican and I sat back and wished we had just said screw it and gone.
I really believe that the money would have come from somewhere
it always has
but now the moment has long since gone
and I really really wish I could have been there

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